Key persons

University Of Lisbon


Foto - Professor Rogério Gaspar

Prof. Rogério Gaspar

PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) is currently the Vice-Rector of ULISBOA (ULisboa), and Full Professor at Faculty of Pharmacy University of Lisbon (FFUL), where he chairs the InTraCell_ADD Research group (Intracellular Trafficking Modulation for Advanced Drug Delivery) at iMed.ULisboam, a research unit at the Faculty of Pharmacy. He worked as an expert on nanomedicine for the European Science Foundation (ESF), and for the European Medicines Agency. Between 2009 and 2013, he served as a member of the Executive Committee of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS), namely as a Vice-President for Science Policy & Regulatory Science (2011-2012). In the period 1995-2002, Prof. Rogério Gaspar was involved at different levels on the European Regulatory System for Medicinal Products. From 1995-2000 as an expert and member of the national evaluation board and of the CPMP (now CHMP, at European Medicines Agency, EMA); between January 2000 to July 2002 he was Vice-chairman of the Management Board of INFARMED (Portuguese medicines regulator) and member of the Management Board of the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) – also member of committees and expert groups at European Council of Ministers and European Commission.


José Pereira Miguel

Prof. José Pereira Miguel

MD, PhD, specialised in internal medicine, is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of ULISBOA and the Head of the Institute of Preventive Medicine. Professor Pereira-Miguel is currently CEO of the Consortium “Lisbon Living+” on healthy living and active ageing. His work has resulted in over 200 publications, covering topics such as cardiovascular epidemiology, preventive medicine, environmental health and migrant health.


Luís Carriço

Prof. Luis Carriço, PhD in Electronic and Computers Engineering, is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Informatics, Faculty of Sciences of ULISBOA. He is a senior researcher and vice-director of the LaSIGE research unit, where he currently leads the Human Computer Interaction and Multimedia (HCIM) Group. The group focuses on extreme human-device interaction, for health, accessibility and emergency scenarios.



Carlos Duarte

Prof. Carlos Duarte

is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Informatics, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, and a senior researcher at LaSIGE. His main research interest lies at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction and Accessibility, where he explores how adaptation and multimodality can increase the accessibility of interactive systems, through a “design for each” approach. On these topics he is currently exploring intelligent body based interaction, design and adaptation of social networks and Web accessibility engineering.


Renato Nunes

 Prof. Renato Nunes

MSc, PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering,  is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He is an invited researcher at INESC-ID and was involved in many projects in the areas of telecommunications, telematics, building management, smart homes and wireless sensor networks. His research interests include intelligent buildings, energy management, home automation, domotics, embedded systems, sensor networks, ambient intelligence and assistive technologies to support aging in place.


HelenaProf. Maria Helena Caria

PhD in Biology-Genetics, is a researcher at the Centre for Biodiversity, Functional & Integrative Genomics (BioFIG), Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, at the Deafness group integrated in the Unit of Human Genetics and Functional Analysis. Her current research interests are related to hereditary deafness, genetic susceptibility for age-related hearing loss, genotype-phenotype correlation, and hearing health.


António Veloso

Prof. António Veloso

 PhD in Human Kinetics-Biomechanics from the Technical University of Lisbon, is currently a Professor at the Faculty of Human Sciences and director of the Biomechanics and Functional Morphology Laboratory (BFMUL). His research looks into the effect of exercise in the mitigation of the risk of fractures related to falls and on the relevant factors related to the maintenance of locomotion capabilities on the elderly.


Filomena Carnide

Prof. Filomena Carnide

 PhD in Human Kinetics-Ergonomics, is currently Assistant Professor and Vice-Director of the Faculty of Human Sciences. She belongs to the Biomechanics and Functional Morphology Laboratory and to the Neuromechanics Research Group. Her research looks into the prevention of functional decline and falls, associated to ageing process, as well as on the prevention of work-related disorders in different occupational settings.


Amilcar Moreira

Doctor Amílcar Moreira

is a researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences – University of Lisbon. He is the Principal Investigator of the DYNAPOR (Dynamic Microsimulation Model for Portugal) project. He also lead Work-Package 9 (Enhancing Active Citizenship) of the MOPACT (Mobilizing the Potential of Active Ageing in Europe) project, an FP7 funded project. His research revolves around active ageing, silver economy and social security.


Karin Wall

Prof. Karin Wall

PhD in Sociology, is a senior researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon. She was a member of the EC’s European Observatory on National Family Policies, and the coordinator of the Research Network on Sociology of Families and Intimate Lives at the European Sociological Association. Her research interests include demographic trends and changing family patterns, family policies in Europe and social care.


Cristina Godinho

Doctor Cristina Godinho

PhD in Health Psychology, is currently a researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences – University of Lisbon and invited Assistant Professor at the Master of Social Psychology of Health at ISCTE-Lisbon University Institute. Her research interests focus on the promotion of health and well-being, illness prevention and adherence to healthy lifestyles through ehealth / ICT-based interventions and health communications.


Catholic University of Leuven


Leuven1Bart Vanrumste

is since 2014 appointed associate professor in the Faculty of Engineering Technology of KU Leuven. He is associate member of the ESAT-STADIUS division and principle investigator of iMinds. His research interest is decision support in healthcare in general and decision support in active assisted living in particular. His current research activities focus on multimodal sensor integration for monitoring older persons and patients with chronic illnesses at homes. Bart Vanrumste has (co-)authored over 90 peer reviewed papers in international journals or conference proceedings. Since 2013 he is chair of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Benelux Chapter.



Hans Hallez

finished PhD in medical signal processing at the Ghent University.
After a postdoc at the same institution, he went to KU Leuven where he focused his research on distributed sensornetworks and how we can use software (so-called middleware) to increase reliability, fault-tolerance, scalability, etc. He teaches a quite amount of subjects at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering: Physics, programming, sensors, opto-electronics and distributed system engineering.



 University of Maastricht

maastr.5Jan Hamers

(RN, PhD) is a Full Professor of Care of Older People at Maastricht University, the Netherlands. He is deputy chairman of the department of Health Services Research, head of the multidisciplinary research program ‘Ageing and Long-Term Care’ at the research School Caphri, and founder and chair of the Living Lab for Care of Older People.


maastr.2Jos M.G.A. Schol

is professor of Old Age Medicine. He works at the Department of Health Services Research and the Department of Family Medicine of Maastricht University, The Netherlands. His main research topics are: 1) frailty and sarcopenia, 2) geriatric rehabilitation, 3) the epidemiology of and interventions for relevant care problems in chronic care,  4) quality of (medical) care in nursing homes and 5) transformation issues of chronic care.


maastr.3Sandra Zwakhalen

RN, PhD, is an assistant professor at the department of Health Services Research at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. She is a health scientist, originally trained as a nurse and her main research topic is: geriatric nursing care. She is one of the two coordinators of the Living Lab for Care of Older People.


maastr.1Hilde Verbeek

PhD, is an assistant professor at the department of Health Services Research at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. She is a neuropsychologist and her main research topic is: organisation and design of innovative long-term care. She is one of the two coordinators of the Living Lab for Care of Older People.


maastr.4Michel Bleijleven

is appointed at the department of Health Services Research at Maastricht University in the Netherlands and as poject manager at a long-term care organisation caleld Vitalis. He is a movement scientist and his main research topic is: effectiveness of health care (restraint reduction, enhancing activity).


Gaby OdekerkenProf. Dr. Gaby Odekerken-Schröder

holds a chair in customer-centric service science at Maastricht University and she is co-founder of Maastricht University’s Service Science Factory. This is the place where academia meets business to create innovative services ( Her main research interests are innovations in (health care) services and customer loyalty. She published extensively in leading international journals such as Journal of Marketing, MISQ, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Retailing and many other. She is passionate about developing innovative courses, for bachelor, master, PhD and executive students, in which she integrates real-life cases and industry connections. Currently she is a consortium member of the Marie Curie ITN Service Design for Innovation (SDIN) in which nine Early Stage Researchers work on the integration of these two thriving research domains.


University of Macerata


Francesca spigarelliProf. Francesca Spigarelli

is assistant professor of Economics. She is Vice Rector for Entrepreneurship and Technological Transfer and for the European Charter of Researchers. She is scientific coordinator or LUCI (Laboratory for Humanism, creativity and innovation). Her main research fields are: internationalisation of SMEs, FDIs from emerging countries, ageing society and pension systems.


AlessioUniMcProf. Alessio Cavicchi

is associate professor of agricultural economics. His main fields of interest and research are consumer food choice, economics of food quality and safety, sustainable tourism and innovation in the agro-food sector. Currently he teaches Rural Development Policy and Economics and Marketing of Food Quality in the degree of Management of Sustainable Tourism Systems.


LauraUniMcProf. Laura Vagni

is associate professor of private comparative law. She is an expert on property and trust, European citizenship and elderly law in comparative perspective.




LongoUnimcProf. Erik Longo

is associate professor of constitutional law. He is an expert on: socio-economic rights, regulation of social services, ageing migration, healthcare law and regional law.




PamelaUniMcProf. Pamela Lattanzi

is associate professor of agricultural law and business law. She is an expert on: urban agriculture, food law and environmental law.




nicolini3Prof. Paola Nicolini

is associated professor of developmental and educational psychology. Her main themes of investigation are: teachers and educators training; the investigation of identity building in a lifelong perspective; peer interaction; multiple intelligence theory. She is Vice-Rector for Orientation, Tutoring and Job Placement.


BenedettaUniMc.jpgProf. Benedetta Giovanola

is associate professor in moral philosophy and teaches Economic ethics and Globalisation and theories of justice. She has expertise in ethical aspects in Living Labs involving elderly people.