Advisory Board

An ‘Innovation and Sustainability Advisory Board’ will be established to support the project and partner universities  throughout the knowledge transfer process. The Board will be composed of accomplished experts in the project’s thematic fields. In particular, it will monitor project performance, offer innovative advice, dynamic perspectives and provide recommendations to the partnership for strategic direction and quality improvement.


  • A.z.immagineAsghar Zaidi is Professor in International Social Policy at theUniversity of Southampton (UK) where his research spans active and healthy ageing, and the well-being of older people and persons with disabilities.  Since 2012, he has led the research effort in the Active Ageing Index Project of the UNECE/EC. Most recently, in collaboration with HelpAge International, he developed the Global AgeWatch Index, the first ever index to measure the wellbeing of older people on a worldwide scale.  Visiting Professor at London School of Economics and Senior Advisor at European Centre Vienna, Dr. Zaidi was previously Senior Economist at the OECD in Paris. He has served as an economic adviser for the UK’s Department for Work and Pensions and as a research officer at both the London School of Economics and University of Oxford. An expert advisor to WHO’s Centre for Health Development in Japan, he advised in developing indicators for WHO’s network of Age-friendly Cities.
  • Board Member: Ilenia Gheno, Age Platform Europe
  • Board Member: Bernardo Trindade, the Porto Bay Hotels and Resorts.
  • Board Member: Julien Ulécia – José de Mello Residências e Serviços
  • Board Member: Filipa Fixe – Portugal Telecom
  • Board Member: Joaquim Cunha – HealthCluster

The Board will meet every 6 month, by taking part in the planning and evaluation sessions of the project’s Steering Committee meetings and in the framework of a specific evaluation session organised in direct connection to that meeting.