Staff exchanges

After an initial stage of exchange and knowledge transfer allowing to carefully define research content, agenda and transfer plan: in depth and continuous knowledge transfer and skills development will be possible through mutual staff exchanges.These will be carriedout in two phases, first through job shadowing and then through cross-functional mentoring. In the first phase (job shadowing), Portuguese researchers (shadows) will go to the leading institutions to work along-side their more experienced colleagues in Leuven, Maastricht and Macerata, for a period of 5 weeks. Through observation and investigation in research work, job sharing and onsite visits, Portuguese researchers will gain deeper insight into the particular research area and the related best practices and Living Labs to be explored, and learn how their more experienced counterparts are conducting research. Subsequently, the researchers from the leading institutions will continue to support their Portuguese counterparts in consolidating knowledge acquired during the job shadowing. This will be realised through a second flow of staff exchanges (cross-functional mentoring) whereby the researchers from Maastricht, Leuven and Macerata will go to the University of Lisbon for one month, to act as mentors in assisting their colleagues in transferring and consolidating the innovation acquired during job shadowing.