Promoting entrepreneurship in the health tourism sector

A joint Summer School for PhD students and graduates of the University of Lisbon will be carried out, to learn how to identify a promising business opportunity and to develop this opportunity into a viable business plan. The aim is to promote and support innovative and entrepreneurial attitudes among young people, to create a culture of innovation to support the creation of innovative business initiatives and start-ups in the related sectors and to favour network building and networking opportunities among Portuguese researchers and students.

The Summer School consists of a two-week intensive programme whereby theory will be lapped by practical learning. The programme will consist of both local visits to innovative businesses in the territory, some guest lectures on entrepreneurship involving lecturers from the University of Maastricht and the University of Macerata, and some practical demonstrations of successful business initiatives by invited business stakeholders presenting experiences from relevant Living Labs or best practices implemented in Leuven, Maastricht and Macerata.