Definition of a strategy and plan for knowledge transfer

Three academic symposiums will be carried out, each focusing on a specific topic and structured around the key strengths of each leading partner institution, i.e.:

  • Symposium 1 in Maastricht focusingon innovation in health care (key strength of the University of Maastricht)
  • Symposium 2 in Leuven focusing on health technologies (key strength of the University of Leuven)
  • Symposium 3 in Macerata focusing on active ageing and tourism through a multidisciplinary approach (key strength of the University of Macerata)


The objectives of the academic symposiums are:

  • To exchange and transfer knowledge and experience among partners with regards to each of the above topics, and to share, across the partnership and the research community, experience and learning outcomes of the Transnational Study Visits.
  • To define specific agendas for research and innovation transfer in each of the three areas of excellence and to define research content, perspectives and findings to be transferred from the leading institutions to the University of Lisbon.

A fourth academic symposium will be carried out in Lisbon and will focus on Living Lab methodology. The objective of this symposium is:

  • To integrate, through an interdisciplinary approach, the three specific agendas defined in the first three symposiums.
  • To develop a plan and process for systematic knowledge transfer, from the high performing institutions to the University of Lisbon on the basis of the identified needs and the defined research content.