Communty of Practice Platform

A “Community of Practice Platform” will be established to guarantee a continuous mutual learning process, effective transfer of expertise and sharing of practices around a Health Tourism Living Lab. The Community of Practice Platform will gather actors around experimental learning and co-creation of a Health Tourism Living Lab, where its members will be able to engage and interact in joint activities and discussions, help each-other and share information.

This will be done through the Platform’s three sections:


  • Repertoire of resources i.e. shared practices that through a set of stories, cases or experiences become a shared repertoire for their practice.
  • Three thematic forums: a) active ageing; b) assistive health technologies; c) health tourism.
  • E-learning section: containing virtual training content and material collected from the Summer School and the Venture Lab. This section will also foresee the possibility to provide remote lectures, increasing the sustainability of the Summer School and the Venture Lab also after the project end.