Althour Staff-Exchange: Lorenzo Compagnucci and Sabrina Tomasi (UNIMC) at the University of Lisbon

The Alhtour Project’s Staff-Exchange has seen the participation of Lorenzo Compagnucci (Ph.D. Candidate in Law at the University of Macerata), and Sabrina Tomasi (Ph.D. Candidate in Human Sciences), who spent one month at the University of Lisbon to contribute to the setting-up of a ‘Health Tourism Living Lab’ in the Lisbon area.

Sabrina has worked on the development of a systematic literature review on health, medical and wellness tourism and studying the potential of health tourism for the economic development of the Lisbon, in collaboration with Muriela Padua (Institute of Social Sciences of ULisboa). A collaboration that will continue next December with Muriela’s visit to Macerata.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo focused abridging the gap in the university-industry-government relation, through the study of the emerging role of living labs as a means of citizens involvement into product innovation. To do so he collaborated with Carlos Duarte and José Coelho (Department of Informatics of the Faculty of Sciences of ULisboa), and availed of the remote assistance of Francesca Spigarelli and Luis Carriço.

The exchange resulted in a valuable start for a fruitful interdisciplinary collaboration, able to facilitate the understanding of complex challenges, as well as contributing to the social, economic  and environmental development at local level.