Assessing R&I needs of the University of LIsbon

1 February 2016

An initial workshop in Lisbon will be carried out to assess the research and innovation needs of the University of Lisbon in view of the creation of a Health and Tourism Living Lab.  

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Onsite good practice analysis

1 March 2016

The aim of this activity is to study and analyse the relevant best practices that were presented and shared by the leading institutions at the initial workshop. This will be realised through a series of Transnational Study Visits.

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Definition of a strategy and plan for knowledge transfer

1 June 2016

Three academic symposiums will be carried out, each focusing on a specific topic and structured around the key strengths of each leading partner institution, i.e.:

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Communty of Practice Platform

1 June 2016

A “Community of Practice Platform” will be established to guarantee a continuous mutual learning process, effective transfer of expertise and sharing of practices around a Health Tourism Living Lab. The Community of Practice Platform will gather actors around experimental learning and co-creation of a Health Tourism Living Lab, where its members will be able to engage and interact in joint activities and discussions, help each-other and share information.

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Staff exchanges

1 January 2017

After an initial stage of exchange and knowledge transfer allowing to carefully define research content, agenda and transfer plan:

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Linking research excellence to the business community

1 February 2017

Three joint seminars will be organised to improve the University of Lisbon’s capacity to link research excellence to the market and business community, by showing successful cooperation experiences between academia and local business stakeholders in Living Labs and other positive initiatives. Each thematic seminar will focus on a specific topic:

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Promoting entrepreneurship in the health tourism sector

1 August 2017

A joint Summer School for PhD students and graduates of the University of Lisbon will be carried out, to learn how to identify a promising business opportunity and to develop this opportunity into a viable business plan. The aim is to promote and support innovative and entrepreneurial attitudes among young people, to create a culture of innovation to support the creation of innovative business initiatives and start-ups in the related sectors and to favour network building and networking opportunities among Portuguese researchers and students.

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Lunch & Learn events

1 September 2017

3 ”Lunch & Learn events” will  be carried out in Lisbon, involving local Portuguese business representatives, such as representatives of the hotel and tourism accommodation industry, companies producing health technologies, care and wellness centres, organisations providing tourism and leisure activities or transport companies.

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A Joint Venture Lab

1 March 2018

A one week joint “Venture Lab” will be organised in Lisbon, involving all the potential and relevant local actors for the setting up of a Health Tourism Living Lab, including both academia, local stakeholders and business representatives (e.g. care centres, private clinics, hotel and accommodation structures, SPA and wellness centres, tour operators, local governments, companies producing assistive living technologies, local tourism enterprises, university faculty…

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