A longer life expectancy and a greater propensity to travel have gradually increased the importance of silver tourism, becoming a major opportunity for new jobs and growth. The increasing number of older travelers has resulted in a growing demand for tailor-made tourist services for senior people:  services able to combine leisure activities and accommodation facilities with appropriate personal assistance. Recent developments in assisted living technologies offer important contributions in responding to these challenges.

‘Alhtour – Assisted Living technologies for the Health Tourism sector’, is a European project financed by the Horizon 2020–Twinning Programme. It aims to step up and stimulate scientific excellence and increase capacity for innovation in technologies for independent living, to be applied to the health tourism industry.

In particular, the project will link the University of Lisbon with three internationally leading research Institutions through a knowledge transfer process, to prepare for the set-up of a ‘Health Tourism Living Lab’ in the Lisbon area, identified as a key driver for territorial development.

This will be made possible by the multidisciplinary cooperation among the four participating partner  universities and the continuous involvement of local stakeholders with the ultimate goal of providing concrete examples and demonstrations of how synergies between research excellence and different business sectors can promote innovation and socio-economic territorial development.